Quick Talk

by Easy Elliot

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Released March 23, 2016


released March 23, 2016

Vocals by Julia Mark on "Miles Away"
Artwork by Ashley Zipp



all rights reserved


Easy Elliot South Portland, Maine

music by
Jesse C.G.

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Track Name: Here, Whenever You Want It
Out on my walk today
I did my very best thing
I hit you sixteen times
then I went away


I'm right as rain
my head is wet
so is my brain
Track Name: Lookin' Right
Have I ever said
that you're lookin' so right?
No, we're just friends
but girl you're fine with me.
Lookin' so right
She's lookin' so right
Stay lookin' so right
I need a night with you.
I always keep my distance
but you're lookin' so right
girl, in this instance I need'a lie
with you
Lookin' so right
Track Name: The Mathlete
I am the Mathlete baby
made it so far I don't have to leave the car
eyeing some passed treats baby
living so far out I don't lay down

Slipping down back streets baby
feeling so wild I can hardly see straight
making those bastards pay me
having so fun I don't have to freak out

I am the Mathlete.
X and Y
Ask me why
Track Name: Critters
Do you have the critters
do you have the critters
that I have?
The ones that leave but it lingers
the ones that chew on your fingers?
Tell myself that I'm stronger
that I can handle the habits
that I keep
they keep pulling me under
I'm starting to wonder
Track Name: Miles Away
I could be anywhere
miles away from here
you would never know
you would never know
I prefer sleeping through
everything I fear
I should try crying some
they say it calms you down
I'm calmer now than now
I'm calmer now...than now
We can do anything
and no one has to know
and no one has to know
We could do anything
and everyone will know
and everyone will know
Track Name: Newz
You had come to take me in
I will do your every bidding